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Country Spain
Website www.wiseangle.es

WiseAngle Consulting S.L. (WISE) is a research and consultancy SME established in Catalonia (Spain) whose services aim at advancing science and boosting innovation with the primary goal to serve communities and address societal challenges. Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable, inclusive and digital transformation of European society and economy and support the adoption, adaptation and transfer of the results of scientific research and technological innovation prioritising practices and interventions that increase wellbeing and health while tackling inequalities. WISE team operates across a wide range of areas:

Health and Social Care: WISE encourages cross-sector multistakeholder cooperation at national and international level and promote the use of evidence-based solutions through helping companies and administrations in designing and managing collaborative projects (e.g., H2020, INTERREG, among others). The key fields expertise are public health, digital health and care, ageing and demographic change. WISE is a partner and service provider of the European Connected Health Alliance and participate as its third party in several European projects.

Education: WISE works together with universities and research centres in developing multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships paving the way to personal and skills development, participation in the civic space and the job market for all citizens regardless their economic, social and health conditions.

Rights and Inclusion: WISE investigates the effects and causes of social exclusions and encourages service providers to innovate and adapt their services in order to meet the needs of people who are or are at risk of being socially excluded. The team provides local administrations with the support they need to design, manage and execute their innovation policies and programmes with specific emphasis to those intended to protect social rights and foster equal access to services.

Urban Policies: WISE supports city councils and public agencies in the design and management of policy labs, learning exchanges and collaborative projects to take the most of the experiences and lessons learnt from other cities in EU facing the same challenges. The company takes advantage of the expertise of its members in several territorial cooperation programmes such as URBACT, INTERREG and Urban Innovative Actions (UIA).

Science for society: WISE works together with research performing and funding organizations, as well as end users and advocacy organizations, to claim for the adoption of RRI principles. These activities are carried out collaborating with the most recognised European experts in public engagement, citizen science, hands on science, data governance and democracy and participatory R&I policies.

Valentina Tageo

Valentina Tageo

Founder & Director

Ms Valentina Tageo graduated in Economics, obtained a Master in European Project Management and she is currently a MSc candidate in Population Health Sciences. She has multiannual experience in international project management and proposal writing. She has been working as Research Project Manager and providing consultancy services for different healthcare, research, industry and non-profit organizations. Her fields of interest are digital health and care, social innovation and digital transformation of public services with a focus on smart, liveable and healthy cities. At ECHAlliance she is the International Projects Director since 2018. Since February 2021 she is also a Board Director of the Digital Health SocietyCurrently, she is the project manager of the H2020 MULTI-ACT project, Lead Expert for the Urban Innovation Actions project GAVIUS; as well dissemination manager for the H2020 ALAMEDA and the IMI2 Gravitate-Health projects. In 2018 Valentina founded Wise Angle which has been recently contracted by EESC to carry out two studies on “How the Digital Transformation can put humans at the centre of robotics and automation” and “The response of CSOs to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Alessandro Corsello

Alessandro Corsello

Financial & Project Manager

Alessandro Corsello is a Project Manager with a strong background in Economics and Finance. Before joining Wise Angle, he had previous work experiences in international consultancy firms such as Moore Stephens Ireland and Deloitte Italy. Alessandro has gained relevant expertise in quantitative analysis and elaboration of socio-economic data in the research activities conducted by the company. Recently, he has managed the data collection and quantitative analysis in the frame of the two studies commissioned to Wise Angle by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) which will be published at the beginning of 2021. At WISE he also takes care of tender preparation, compliance with technical and financial bid requirements and advising clients on potential business and exploitation opportunities resulting from projects. Alessandro is also the Financial Manager of WISE and takes responsibility of all the legal, administrative and financial tasks in projects and contracts. A native Italian speaker, Alessandro is fluent in English and Spanish.

Francesco Camonita

Francesco Camonita

Researcher & Project Manager

Francesco Camonita is PhD in Geography and European Studies, MA in European Integration, BA in International Relations. Francesco holds wide expertise in the field of EU institutions and European Public Policies (particularly under cohesion and European Territorial Cooperation) consolidated through 9+ years working in Spanish Universities as researcher, lecturer and research support specialist (RECOT Network at Autonomous University of Barcelona; Barcelona Center for European Studies at Pompeu Fabra University). He has developed competences in project management, policy analysis, scientific writing and public speaking at the national, EU and international level. He has a genuine interest in innovation technologies.