Public Deliverables 

Deliverable D5.1

Description Methodology & Design Principles of ALAMEDA AI Toolkit Version 1.0

This deliverable is the outcome of the work performed within task T5.1 – Development of Methodology for Building the Open ALAMEDA AI Toolkit. The design of the ALAMEDA infrastructure architecture and all processes for the support of the dedicated AI Toolkit is presented in detail, along with all relevant concepts, components, and interactions.

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Deliverable D5.2

ALAMEDA Digital Companion App and Experts Dashboards

This document contains the description of critical ALAMEDA software components that are going to be implemented in the use cases for the assessment and monitoring of the patients. Specifically, these include the following applications: WellMojo, Chatbot Android App, Mood Estimation Android Application, Virtual Keyboard, Virtual Supermarket Test application, Line tracking test application, and the Experts’ Dashboards.


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Deliverable D5.3

ALAMEDA Toolkit 1.0

This report and the supplementary demonstrator deliverable D5.3 “ALAMEDA Toolkit 1.0” constitute an output from T5.3 and present the first iteration of the AI Toolkit. The toolkit’s aim is to host AI-powered modules for monitoring and assessing neurological and brain disorders relevant to Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke, in a form that will facilitate their reuse by third party stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers.

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Deliverable D7.1

Design of Stakeholder Engagement Plan

This document describes the stakeholder engagement strategy of project ALAMEDA and defines the different types of stakeholders participating in the e-health ecosystem, as well as the different state-of-the-art methodologies for actor involvement.

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Deliverable D7.2

Digital Healthcare Innovation Hub Architecture and Specifications

The purpose of this document is to describe the specifications and the architecture of the ALAMEDA Innovation Hub (AIH), a community hub for AI solutions addressing the improvement of PMSS patient’s quality of life. The AIH will be an entry point to accessing the ALAMEDA AI Toolkit.

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Deliverable D7.3

Stakeholder Engagement Plan – Interim Implementation Report

This document contains the deliverable template in order to be used as a guidance for future releases of the deliverables.

In this part, a short abstract of the deliverable should be presented.

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Deliverable D8.1

Project website and Social Media

This document contains material, which is copyright of certain ALAMEDA consortium parties and may not be reproduced or copied without permission. The information contained in this document is the proprietary confidential information of certain ALAMEDA consortium parties and may not be disclosed except in accordance with the consortium agreement.

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Deliverable D8.2

Dissemination Plan and Material

This deliverable presents the ALAMEDA dissemination and communication strategy, tools and channels. It includes a preliminary planning of the activities, conferences and publications and highlights the interdependencies of dissemination and communication activities with exploitation and stakeholder engagement.

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