ALAMEDA will implement a suite
of smart services focused on improving
care for patients with brain diseases

ALAMEDA AI toolkit

ALAMEDA AI Toolkit will be a web-based hub for the provision of ALAMEDA Augmented Intelligence.

The ALAMEDA AI Toolkit will materialize all ALAMEDA models and will make them readily available via the ALAMEDA’s Digital Health Innovation Hub to the widest international research and healthcare community with a special focus on the care of patients with brain disorders.

The ALAMEDA AI Toolkit will share methods of the Data Processing & Analytics and the Visualisation and Applications layers.

External digital healthcare stakeholders will be able to experiment with selected project real-time data feeds and historic data sources (e.g. patient cohorts) and also to develop new applications using the ALAMEDA algorithms and ML/AI methods that will be exposed through the ALAMEDA AI Toolkit.

The ALAMEDA AI Toolkit will enable the healthcare community to benefit from the project outcomes working as an Open Source SW.

ALAMEDA Companion App

A novel conversational agent will be introduced and will be responsible for collaborative, user-friendly data collection and user interaction. Guided by ALAMEDA’s AI core, the chat-bot will ask questions (tailored to the patient and her/his condition) to the patients in order to collect the appropriate data.

The frequency of the questions will also be adapted to the user preferences and the monitoring plan suitable for that patient according to the needs and recommendations of the clinician.

More importantly, collaboration in the data collection process is enabled by using the same agent also to collect relevant information from the caregivers or relatives.


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