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ALAMEDA Italian Stakeholder workshop

Italian Stakeholder workshop 




Fronties Health 2023

ALAMEDA final dissemination workshop

The future of AI-driven healthcare for brain diseases

Overview of the project’s mission: Valentina Tageo (Wise Angle)

Panel 1

The ALAMEDA data collection journey: innovation and participatory design 

Moderator: Alexandru Sorici (Politehnica National University for Science and Technology of Bucharest)


  • Ludovico Pedullà (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation)
  • Nikolaos Papagiannakis (Eginition Hospital, Athens)
  • Athena Cristina Ribigan (University Emergency Hospital Bucharest)


Panel 2

The ALAMEDA technological breakthroughs: AI and digital tools for brain assessment   

Moderator: Panagiotis Tsakanikas (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens)


  • Georgia Christodoulou (Catalink Ltd)
  • Ioannis Ladakis (Wellics Ltd)
  • Ioanna Sasilioglou (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas)


Conclusive Remarks The Future of Digital Brain Health – Policy Perspectives and Lessons Learned:

  • Bianca Băluță (Directorate H e-Health, well-being & ageing, DG CONNECT, European Commission)

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ALAMEDA interview

Interview with Georgios Koutalieris, Chief Business & Innovation Officer at ENORA INNOVATION (Greece).

In this informative interview, Georgios Koutalieris, partner of the ALAMEDA project, discusses the development of ENORA’s Prototype Mattress Topper Pressure Sensor. Learn about the inspiration behind this innovative technology and its potential to improve the lives of individuals with brain disorders. Gain valuable insights into the passion and dedication that went into creating this breakthrough device.

This is a must-see for anyone interested in the latest advancements in sleep monitoring technology.

Video – Youtube channel

Ai4Brain Webinar Series

Ai4Brain Webinar Series initiated by ALAMEDA together with LETHE Project

– Keynote speech “Policy update: brain health” from Kyriacos Hatzaras, European Commission, DG CNECT;

AI-Based Predictive Modelling of the Dementia progression, Sten Hanke, FH Joanneum;

– Using lifestyle related behavior change methods and digital interventions for promoting brain health, Jeroen Bruinsma, Universiteit Maastricht;

– The promise of digital biomarkers to unveil disease progression in Parkinson’s Disease and predict relapses in Multiple Sclerosis, Leonidas Stefanis, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and Ludovico Pedullà, AISM Onlus.

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ALAMEDA Interview

Interview Alexandru Sorici, professor and researcher at the Polytechnic University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB). 

He’s working in the Artificial Intelligence in the multi-agent systems laboratory where he teaches subjects related to AI and where his research interests fall into into the broader domain of what is called ambient intelligenceor things does topics such as context, management, activity recognition, social robotics, and AI and healthcare

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Speech presentation by Ludovico Pedullà, researcher at FISM, during the Annual Scientific Congress of the Italian MS Society and its Foundation

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ALAMEDA Interview

Interview with Hara Stefanou, Chief Product Officer at Wellics. The company is the Technical coordinator in ALAMEDA project.

Hara Stefanou describes WellMojo, a smartphone application that works as a personal health coach, motivating, rewarding and helping attain personal goals. It monitors physical activity, nutritional habits, mood and stress levels through the use of wearables and user input.

WellMojo in ALAMEDA is the main mobile user interface for the patients, assisting them daily in assessing their health status and enabling them to self-manage their condition.

Watch the full interview: here

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ALAMEDA Interview

Interview with the H2020 ALAMEDA Project Scientific Coordinator, Dr Panos Tsakanikas, illustrating the core challenge addressed by the project, its expected outcomes and relevance for the digital transformation of healthcare for patients with brain disorders.

Watch the full interview: here

Video – Youtube channel

ALAMEDA at Proms Plenary 2022

Rachele Paolucci’s (FISM) speech 

“The ALAMEDA project: leveraging AI to bridge the early diagnosis and treatment gaps in brain diseases”

The speech by Rachele Paulucci (FISM-Italian MS Society) during the section 4 “Digital PROMS: the future of remote monitoring and self-management” at Proms Plenary 2022 held on 16 November 2022 in Baveno (Italy)

Watch the full speech: here

Press – Italian newspaper

ALAMEDA on Corriere Salute – Corriere della Sera 

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