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ALAMEDA | Italian Stakeholder Workshop

November 23, 2023

Title: Technologies and AI for the Monitoring of Brain Diseases

ALAMEDA aims primarily to design and validate an innovative model for collecting, acquiring, and analyzing clinical data and patient-generated and/or self-reported data using sensors, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence. This model will enable continuous monitoring of neurological disease progression and treatment response, as well as accurately predict disease evolution and potential relapses. The diseases selected for testing the developed methods and technologies are multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

The project, set to conclude at the end of 2023, has brought together cross-disciplinary and complementary skills from various European countries, from neurology to data engineering and artificial intelligence, to the design and development of apps and sensors, scientific communication, and the active involvement of patients and healthcare professionals through participatory research methods inspired by the MULTI-ACT project, previously coordinated by FISM.

The workshop will take place on the morning (9:00-13:00) of Friday, November 24, 2023, in Rome during the AISM 2023 Campus (a meeting of the heads of association offices from Friday afternoon to Sunday) at the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, Via Giorgio Zoega 59 (and online). It aims to provide an overview of the results obtained from the ALAMEDA project and explore possible public-private synergies and collaborations with other complementary Italian initiatives and with the main players in the industry at both Italian and international levels. The goal is to establish synergies with Italian stakeholders interested in researching and validating accurate and reliable digital measures that can be adopted on a large scale for monitoring MS and its progression and to provide useful information for predicting the course of the disease and relapses, thus allowing for more effective personalization of therapies and rehabilitation pathways.

Furthermore, given the complementarity with the work carried out so far by the IMI Mobilise-D project, we will have the pleasure of hosting a presentation of its main results and discussing potential lines of cooperation.

Registration is open here: ➡ https://lnkd.in/daQnUr3q

Participation is free.


November 23, 2023


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