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Frontiers Health 2023

November 8, 2023 - November 11, 2023

Frontiers Health is one of the premier global digital health innovation events, with a strong focus on digital therapeutics, breakthrough technologies, healthcare transformation, investments, and ecosystem development.

The conference will also be an opportunity to participate in the ALAMEDA final dissemination workshop: The future of AI-driven healthcare for brain diseases.

The 90-minutes interactive session, moderated by Valentina Tageo (Wise Angle) will showcase the key project’s results featuring clinical and technological experts who have contributed to its success.

Panel: The ALAMEDA data collection journey: innovation and participatory design 

ALAMEDA participates in the growing international efforts to promote the digital transformation of health provisioning for people living with neurological disorders. To this aim, it acknowledges the importance of continuous and preventive healthcare, in which individuals are accompanied continuously and unobtrusively by health monitoring technology. Thus, a novel combination of wearable devices and smartphone applications required for the desired analysis of motor, sleep, emotional and quality-of-life outcomes is introduced. In order to minimize obtrusiveness for patients and optimize the utility and accuracy of the insights obtained for medical professionals, they have been continuously engaged in the participatory design of the ALAMEDA system with an innovative shared decision-making approach.

Moderator: Alexandru Sorici, Politehnica National University for Science and Technology of Bucharest


  • Ludovico Pedullà, Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
  • Nikolaos Papagiannakis, Eginition Hospital, Athens
  • Athena Cristina Ribigan, University Emergency Hospital Bucharest

Panel: The ALAMEDA technological breakthroughs: AI and digital tools for brain assessment   

The consortium has developed a set of innovative AI/ML models and tools – that are presented in this panel – and conducted an exploratory analysis of the predictive capability of the proposed data collection journey. Also, innovative wearable and IoT sensors have been prototyped and tested. The overarch goal is to demonstrate that the combination of monitored variables can provide valuable and actionable insights to medical professionals with respect to the health status of the patient.

Moderator: Panagiotis Tsakanikas, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens


  • Georgia Christodoulou, Catalink Ltd
  • Ioannis Ladakis, Wellics Ltd
  • Ioanna Sasilioglou, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

Conclusive remarks: The future of brain digital health: policy perspectives and lessons learnt




November 8, 2023
November 11, 2023